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Title: Development of Procedures for the Assessment and Management by Farmers of their Agricultural Information Networks and Needs at the sub county Level in Uganda

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Hugh Bagnai!-Oakeley, Michael Ocilage, Florence Imaikorit- Oumo and Nathan Nangoti
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70% of Uganda's farmers are defined as smaliholders (PMA 2000). Smallholder
agriculture has several key attributes that condition the types of information services
needed (Tripp 2001; Chambers 1997):
• Large number of independent, small-scale, competing decision-makers;
• Wide range of conditions, options, constraints and opportunities;
• Widely dispersed with poor infrastructure hampering access to
product and input markets, information, etc.
These aspects of smallholder agriculture require a relatively sophisticated and
differentiated approach in initiatives to enhance farmers' agricultural knowledge, and
to improve information flow in the agricultural knowledge and information systems
pertaining in Uganda.