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Title: Small-scale mushroom cultivation: Oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms

Date Published: 2005
Author/s: Peter Oei, Bram van Nieuwenhuijzen
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Agromisa Foundation and CTA
Journal Publisher: Agromisa Foundation and CTA
Affiliation: Agromisa Foundation and CTA


Do you want to grow mushrooms? There are plenty of reasons to do
so. Mushrooms are a good cash crop; they are rather easy to grow and
are brimming with protein, B vitamins and minerals. They even have
medicinal properties. Time between spawning and harvesting can be
as short as three weeks. Furthermore, after the cultivation, you can
still use the substrate as a good soil conditioner.
This Agrodok gives you detailed information on the cultivation of oyster,
shiitake and wood ear mushrooms. Although many other types of
mushrooms can be grown, we have chosen the ones that can easily be
cultivated in developing countries using appropriate technology.