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Date Published: 1952
Author/s: CAPTAIN C. K. S. PITMAN. CS.E.. D.S.O.- MC
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THE contribution by Mr. B. A. Temple Perkins on the subject of the first
finding of a pigmy crocodile in Uganda, which appeared in
The Uganda
Journal. Vol. 15 (1951). can be convenieflt1Y elaborated. An illustrated article
by the writer ncerning • African Pigmy Crocodiles' was published in The
Field of 17 FebruarY 1951 and, with
the much appreciated permission of the
proprietors, the photograPhs and some lengthy extracts are here reproduced.
in the Western Rift of an example of the small.
The discovery in 1948
geiraspis. a riverine species which is sparingly
forest crocodile OsteOlaeflhlu

forest region. but which was not known
distributed throughout the equatorial
to occur east of the RuwenzOri range, created a minor sensation for hitherto
the crocodile had been unknown in the Lake George_Lake EdWard region.
The prcsence of this unwelcome predator boded ill for the local, and extremelY
profitable. fi
shing industry

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1. Pigmy crocodiles in uganda