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Title: Innovation Platform Report for NaSARRI/ASARECA Sorghum Legume Project held on 21st FEBRUARY 2013 at Eneku Village

Date Published: 2013
Author/s: Olupot, J.R., J Ebiyau, P. Obuo, F. lmaikorit- Oumo, G. A. Ebiyau, J Okalebo and E. Among
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Affiliation: NARO, ASARECA


The team leader Dr. J. R. Olupot gave an overview of the project, citing ASARECA as the supporter of the project, which he said was also operating in Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Eritrea. The project seeks to improve food security, soil fertility and adaptation to climate change through sustainable intensification of sorghum-legume as well as pasture legumes production in the districts of Kumi, Katakwii and Abim. He said this meeting was part of the implementation of the project activities that was to be accomplished before the projects ends at the end of this year. In Uganda, the project operates in three (3) districts: Kumi, Katakwii and Abim but there were also other two districts that were already working with us that included: Soroti and Serere making the districts five (5). The purpose of the project is to improve the production of sorghum/legumes in the semi arid areas of Uganda at household level for food, income and for feeding livestock (livestock nutrition). Research produces varieties and involves the whole value chain (from production to consumption).