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Title: Experiences in Quality On-Farm Sweetpotato Processing

Date Published: March, 2005
Author/s: S. Namanda
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Journal Publisher: Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute
Affiliation: Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute


Sweetpotato is ranked seventh among the food crops produced in the world and has an annual production of 138 million metric tons. The crop is most common in the food systems of the countries surrounding Lake Victoria. Uganda is the world's second largest producer after China. Sweetpotato is second to cassava as the most important food crop in Soroti district in Uganda where it is traditionally eaten in several forms including chewing fresh roots, boiled, dried, sliced, and milled into either sole or composite flours. Although, sweetpotato has on the whole been grown on smallhold farms, as a secondary food crop by rural subsistence farmers, in many areas of the country it plays a role as a food security crop, available when other foods run short or in years of drought or other catastrophes.