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Title: GOAT PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT: A practical guide for farmers in Uganda

Date Published: 2012
Author/s: Joseph Masaba Kibuye
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Affiliation: NARO, NaLIRRI


Uganda's annual population growth rate stands at 3.32% and
is one of the worlds' fastest. However, the annual per capita
consumption of meat (6.6kg) and milk (40 kg) arc lower
than the developing world's averages of 26.4 kg and 48.6 kg.
Further, the annual growth in livestock production (4%) has
barely kept pace with the increasing demand for food of
animal origin as reflected by the 80,000 metric tonnes
consumption deficit. Household expenditure on animal
products ranges between 20 -30% of total expenditure and
the price elasticity of demand (% change in quantity demanded
as a proportion of % change in price of commodity) for
meat is very high.