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Title: Design of a market information system for small scale producers and traders in three districts of Uganda

Date Published: March 2000
Author/s: Peter Robbins
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Affiliation: CTA, IITA


The proposed design for a pilot market information service targeted at small-scale farmers,
traders and processors in Uganda complies with the government’s recommendation for such a
service and the CTA’s market information service model. Details of the design are based on the
findings of the Preliminary Study for this project, completed in November 1999, and meetings
with a full range of stakeholders.
The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture’s original concept of a pilot project,
providing market information for actors in the maize market in a single district of Uganda, has
been expanded. The proposed design now includes two minor components providing
information on the market in beans to a number of comparatively well organised farmers in
Rakai and Masaka Districts and on the market for cassava to farmers’ groups in Gulu District.