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Title: Final report of the fisheries catch assessment survey in the Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria for the March 2010 survey.

Date Published: 2010
Author/s: Muhoozi, L.I, Mbabazi, D.
Data publication: March, 2010
Funding Agency : Implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) project for Lake Victoria through the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO)
Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
Journal Publisher: NARO
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Keywords: Fisheries, Catch Assessment, Lake Victoria, Uganda, Surveys, Report


This report presents findings of the CAS conducted in the Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria in March 2010. The results of the previous ten CASs conducted under the same programme in July, August, September and November 2005; in March, August and December 2006; in March, and August 2007; in February and December 2008 are included to show the emerging trends. The report also presents total annual catch estimates for the Ugandan part of the lake from 2005 to 2010.

Through these CASs, information is building up to show the emerging picture of fish production in the Ugandan waters of the lake. Similar surveys are simultaneously conducted in the Kenyan and Tanzanian parts of the lake, which thus provide the lake wide perspective of fisheries production. These data can now be utilised together with other Resource and Socio-economic monitoring survey data for a stock assessment of the lake to provide a firm basis for planning and management of the fisheries resources.