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Title: Evolution and management of the mukene (Rastrineobo/a argentea) fishery

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: Wandera S. B.
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Affiliation: Fisheries Resources Research Institute
P.O. Box 343
Jinja, Uganda


Rastrineobola argentea locally known as mukene in Uganda, omena in Kenya and •dagaa in Tanzania occurs in Lake Nabugabo, Lake Victoria, the Upper Victoria Nile and Lake Kyoga (Greenwood, 1966). While its fishery is well established on Lakes Victoria
••and Kyoga, the species is not yet being exploited on Lake Nabugabo. Generally such smaller sized fish species as R. argentea become important commercial species in
•lakes where they occur when catches of preferred larger-sized table fish start showing signs of decline mostly as a result of overexploitation. With the current trends of
•declining fish catches on Lake Nabugabo, human exploitation of mukene on this lake is therefore just a matter of time.