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Title: Soya and other leguminous crops

Date Published: 2002
Author/s: Rienke Nieuwenhuis, Joke Nieuwelink
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Agromisa Foundation, Wageningen
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Many farmers face urgent problems of making sure there is enough
food for their families for the whole year and earning sufficient income.
Population growth and the increasing size of cities and towns mean that
the amount of land available to grow food for each family is decreasing.
Yields are not always high and the prices of agricultural products are
generally declining. The amount of money available to buy food if it
cannot be grown, to provide housing, travel and medical costs is also
decreasing. The costs of agriculture are rising; artificial fertilizers and
other chemicals are becoming more expensive, while farmers are not
able to increase the prices of their products. There is a shortage of food
both in terms of quantity, but also quality: the amount of nutrients in food
that children need to grow and adults to stay strong and healthy is often
too low.

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1. Soya and other leguminous crops