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Title: Diversity and composition of trees and shrubs in Kasagala forest: a semiarid savannah woodland in central Uganda

Date Published: 2009
Author/s: Samson Gwali, Paul Okullo, David Hafashimana and Denis Mujuni Byabashaija
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute, PO Box 1752, Kampala, Uganda
Keywords: Detrended Correspondence Analysis, Kasagala,
permanent sample plots, Re´nyi profiles, savannah woodlands,
species diversity


The diversity and composition of trees and shrubs of ‡5 cm
diameter at breast height (DBH) were investigated in
Kasagala woodland in central Uganda using 1 ha permanent
sample plots. A total of 2745 trees and shrubs with a
mean stem density of 686 ha)1 were recorded. These included
69 tree species belonging to 28 families and 47
genera. There was a larger number of small stems compared
with that of larger stems. There was significant
variation in stem size class distribution between the plots
(F = 3.14, P = 0.027). The variation in stem densities
(counts) across different size classes was significant
(F = 8.31, P < 0.001). Species diversity was higher in the
low lands compared with that in the elevated sites in the
woodland. The species encountered were unevenly distributed
across the plots. Species abundance was not significantly
different across the sample plots (F = 2.63,
P = 0.053). We suggest that the structure of the forest is
typical of any regenerating forest, but other human
influences may have played a part in the dominance of size
classes <10 cm DBH. The causes of the present status and
composition of the woodland require further investigation.