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Title: National Agricultural Research Organization 2019.
Annual Report 2018/2019. National Agricultural
Research Organization, Entebbe, Uganda.

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: National Agricultural Research Organization
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Journal Publisher: National Agricultural Research Organization
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Message from Chairman, NARO Governing Council

NARO is a Centre of Excellence for agricultural research in East Africa and globally. As such, it achieved a great deal in FY 2018/2019. One of the remarkable achievements was the development of the NARO Strategic Plan 2018/19 – 2027/28 which provides a new direction for investments in agricultural research in the next ten years.

The Strategic Plan responds to the development aspirations of Uganda as outlined in Vision 2040 to transform agriculture into a profitable, competitive and sustainable sector of the economy. In an era where knowledge-based economies are driven by science, technology and innovation, the role of agricultural research in this transformation process is paramount.
I thank the members of the NARO Governing Council for guidance during the development of this Plan and approving it. In the same vein, I would like to thank NARO top management and the entire staff for their
efforts and support in developing the Plan.
This report presents a number of breakthroughs made including the release of improved crop varieties that are high yielding, drought tolerant and early maturing.
Other breakthroughs include the development of three specific anti-tick vaccines, agro-machinery prototypes and other equipment and machinery for value addition.
The aforementioned achievements provide the impetus for NARO to innovate further and significantly contribute to the growth of the agriculture
sector and the national economy for the benefit of our citizens. Together we can do and achieve more in the future. To all our staff and supporters, I would like to say “the sky is the limit” as we trudge on to the next
financial year and achieve our targets.
Lastly, I would like to thank the government of Uganda, the development partners and stakeholders for their support which ensured that we delivered on what we promised.

Prof. Joseph Obua
Chairman, NARO Governing Council