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Date Published: November 2004
Author/s: NARO: Moses Matovu, Phinehas Tukamuhabwa
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Funding Agency : Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP!IFAD)
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries
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Affiliation: NARO, MAAIF, Makerere University


Soybean is unique among vegetables; no other single
vegetable plant supplies all the essential nutrients for hu
man and infant growth. It is an important crop as a source of cooking oil
and soymilk for human consumption plus soycake and soymeal as a
livestock feed. But its adoption, production and utilisation have been very
slow due to cultural, technical and socioeconomic constraints.
The mature soybean seed has three major components, the seed coat
(hull), the cotyledon and the embryo axis (hypocotyl). It is a typical legume
seed differing, in colour, size and shape depending on variety.

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1. Soybean utilisation guide