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Title: Manual for Production of Live Feed (Moina) for African Catfish Fry for commercial catfish hatchery operators.

Date Published: 2014
Author/s: Owori-Wadunde, A., Kityo, G.
Data publication: September 2014
Funding Agency : NARO
Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
Journal Publisher: NARO
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI), Aquaculture Research and Development Centre, Kajjansi
Keywords: Manual, Live feed (Moina), African catfish fry, commercial catfish, hatchery operators, Aquaculture.


The African catfish is a commercially farmed fish with great potential to contribute to reducing the fish gap in Uganda. However, high mortalities in catfish hatcheries are a major concern as less than 150,000 catfish fry are produced out of estimated 30m catfish fingerlings that are required annually. Therefore, this first Edition of the Manual is intended for use by Uganda's operators of the African catfish hatcheries. It provides basic facts about catfish developmental stages, the recommended live feed (i.e. Moina, a small microscopic water organism). The Manual also provides the hatchery operators with procedures and a step wise process to produce and sustain large quantities of Moina for a commercial scale enterprise.