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Title: A Handbook for the Conduct of Confined Field Trials of Transgenic Cotton in Uganda

Date Published: 2009
Author/s: The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology: Arthur M. Makara, Theresa Sengooba, Karen Hokanson
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Journal Publisher: The National Biosafety Committee (NBC) Secretariat Uganda National Council for Science & Technology
Affiliation: The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology


This handbook is meant to give a straight-forward description of the regulatory procedures for confined field testing of transgenic crops in Uganda with specific emphasis on cotton. The introductory chapter includes background information on the regulation of biotechnology, the purpose of confined field trials, the biology of cotton and transgenic cotton. The core of the handbook is primarily a description of the standard operating procedures with specific elaboration of compliance procedures required for conducting the Confined Field Trial of GM cotton in Uganda. Considering the specific biology of cotton as a crop and also the specific requirements of the National Biosafety Committee (NBC) in the approved conduct of confined field trials (CFTs) of cotton in Uganda, this handbook has been developed to guide all the workers involved with the trial to ensure maximum biological and physical confinement