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Title: Acacia II: Improved Access to Information for development - Research component

Date Published: March, 2005
Author/s: African Highland Initiative (AHI).
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Farmers have been heavily involved in the production of Irish potatoes, beans, sorghum, and
vegetables, wheat and livestock production in addition to some other farm enterprises. The
farmers' perception is that to-date, there is adequate production of the enterprises they are
engaged in, what they have produced is in storage and wasting away and they have produced
more than the current existing market can consume. This has been attributed to the intensive
work the development workers have been engaged in with the farmers.
However, the reality on the ground is that there is inadequate information about better markets in
terms of prices offered for the produce and existing market demands in quality (size, taste, clean,
etc) and quantities required. Where this is available, there are challenges in sustaining the
qualities and quantities required by the markets especially beyond the local market in the district.
There exists a gap between what farmers can offer and what the market demands.