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Title: National Agricultural Research Organization 2018. Annual Report 2017/18. National
Agricultural Research Organization, Entebbe, Uganda.

Date Published: 2018
Author/s: National Agricultural Research Organization
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Keywords: NARO


Message from the Chairperson
NARO Governing Council

The financial year 2017/2018 was remarkable for NARO with development of
cutting-edge scientific innovations for socio-economic transformation. These
achievements were guided by the NARO Strategic Plan 2007/8 - 2017/18 which
was ratified by the NARO Governing Council as a framework in coordinating our
research thrusts.

NARO prides in these milestones and pledges
continued commitment in future for the development of this nation through public-private
partnerships whose role cannot be underscored.
I, therefore, call for more investment and partnerships in the agricultural sector and research
in particular to enhance our potential towards
Vision 2040.
On behalf of the NARO Governing Council, I
would like to recognize the support from the
government of Uganda, development partners
and staff, and thank them for significant contributions to our efforts.

Prof. Joseph Obua
Chairperson, NARO Governing Council