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Title: Field Guide to common diseases and disorders of passionfruit in New Zealand

Date Published: 2010
Author/s: P.A. Rheinländer
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd
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Affiliation: The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited
Plant & Food Research Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand


Passionfruit vines are affected by a range of fungal, bacterial and viral
diseases, which can cause high plant and crop losses. Accurate disease
diagnosis of passionfruit diseases is essential for effective control. Their
identification is difficult, particularly for growers that are new to the industry.
This booklet was produced to help the passionfruit growers of New Zealand to
identify the common diseases affecting their crop and to provide guidance on
their control. It is an outcome of the Sustainable Management of Passionfruit
Diseases Project funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Sustainable
Farming Fund (Grant no. 06/094), The N.Z. Passionfruit Growers Association
Incorporated and the New Zealand Fruitgrowers Charitable Trust.