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Title: Exchange and Capacity Building Workshop on Farmer-Led Documentation for Sustainable Agriculture / Natural Resource Management

Date Published: November 2006
Author/s: PELUM Uganda
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This report holds the results of the workshop. After a description of the workshop background,
objectives and parties involved (Chapter 1) an introduction of farmer-led documentation is given
in Chapter 2, as well as views of participants on the topic. Subsequent chapters contain
summaries and discussion output of case studies presented at the workshop (Chapter 3),
feedback from a field study to farmers in Mukono district (Chapter 4) and participants’ ideas about
monitoring and evaluation of FLD processes (Chapter 5). After a recap of an Open Space session
where various topics were discussed (Chapter 6) the results of a plenary synthesis on farmer-led
documentation is given (Chapter 7). Individual participant action plans as well as joint follow up
actions are presented in Chapter 8, followed by some remarks on the workshop closure.