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Title: Small-scale food processing sector in Mozambique

Date Published: June 2000
Author/s: Imani development (pvt) limited, M.J. Cardoso
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Affiliation: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural
Cooperation (CTA


The food processing sector is considered by the government of Mozambique (GoM) as
one of the priority areas for development within the national economy. This is based on
the belief that the sector is capable of rapid growth, contributing significant added value
to the country's agricultural products. In 1991, production within the food processing
sector represented 9.2% of national production. The most important processed food
products are beer, sugar, processed cashew nuts, carbonated soft drinks, tea, frozen
shrimps, maize meal, wheat flour, cooking oil and bread. Beverage production in 1997
represented 50% of total processed food production.

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