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Title: Useful Trees for Farming

Date Published: 2000
Author/s: Forestry Resources Research Institule (FORRI
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Journal Publisher: This fall:andra calothyrsus
Affiliation: AFRENA Project - Uganda, Forestry Resources Research Institule (FORRI),
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of the National Agricultural Organisation (NARO), and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry ) (ICRAF)


Calliandra is less dependent on the nitrogen in the soil (plants themselves
cannot fix nitrogen from the air). Check the root nodules, if you cut them
and when they are purple inside, they are likely to be active. Calliandra
often nodulates well with the bacteria naturally available in the soil.
However, it is advisable to inoculate seedlings when raising them (see:
raising Calliandra seedlings).

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1. Useful trees for farming