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Date Published: 1966
Author/s: P. H. GREENWOOD
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Journal Publisher: THE UGANDA SOCIETY
Affiliation: British Museum (Natural History), London;
East African Fisheries Research Organization,
Jinja, Uganda


THE fishes of Uganda have been subject to considerable study. Apart from . many purely descriptive studies of the fishes themselves, three reports have been published which deal with the ecology of the lakes in relation to fish and fisheries (Worthington (1929a, 1932!b); Graham (1929ยป. Much of the literature
is scattered in various scientific journals dating back to the early part of -the century and is difficult to obtain in Uganda. The more recent reports also are out of print and virtually unobtainable. The purpose of this present survey is to bring together the results of these many researches and to present, in the light of recent unpublished information, an account of the taxonomy and biology of the many fish species which are to be found in the lakes and rivers of Uganda. Particular attention has been paid to the provision of keys, so that most of the fishes may be easily identified

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1. The fishes ofuganda