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Title: Early detection of Bovine Brucellosis to facilitate deployment of strategic control measures

Date Published: 2007
Author/s: Fredrick Kabi and William Nanyeenya Nteege
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Affiliation: National Livestock Resources Research Institute, Tororo, NARO, NaLIRRI


Brucellosis is a commonly encountered zoonotic disease among smallholders and pastoralists, transmitted through contact with infected fluids at parturition, retained placenta, dead foetuses, feed and still births. Its economic burden among smallholder farmers results into reduced success of poverty reduction initiatives (MAAIF, 2010).
Although smallholder farmers have patronised indigenous cattle for their various degrees of agro-ecological fitness, there brucellosis status remains largely unknown. Yet these cattle provide opportunities for upgrading to improve productivity for better rural farmers’ incomes in Uganda