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Title: Enhancing the Impact of Technology Transfer for poor Households: Lessons from The Livelihoods Initiatives for Eastern Uganda (LIFE) Project

Date Published: May 29, 2004
Author/s: Godfrey Kayobyo, Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok
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Affiliation: Nkoola Institutional Development Associates, AT Uganda Ltd
Keywords: Poverty focus, technology transfer, impact assessment, adoption.


AT Uganda Ltd. (Appropriate Technology Uganda Limited) implemented the DFID (Department for International Development) funded LIFE Project (1999-2003) in six Districts. It addressed food and income insecurity by improving the quality/quantity of key food security crops and appropriate production practices. An external impact assessment found significant achievement of project targets including observably higher adoption of recommended production practices than non-group members, and higher reporting of enhanced incomes and food security compared to the broader community.