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Title: Making High-Quality Cassava Flour

Date Published: 2007
Author/s: CTA
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: CTA
Journal Publisher: CTA
Affiliation: Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute (KIRDI, National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) - Tanzania, CTA, Sasakawa Global 2000 (MoA)


Cassava is not fully utilised in Eastern Africa compared to West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana).
Cassava can earn you extra income, provide employment opportunities and serve as a
reserve food in times of scarcity.
Cassava is drought tolerant, easy to grow and simple to harvest. All parts of the cassava plant
are valuable. Cassava leaves can be used to make soup or as feed for livestock, the stems can
be used for planting more cassava, for mushroom production or as firewood, the root can be
cooked and eaten fresh or processed into flour. Cassava can also meet industrial needs such
as the production of bio-fuel and starch for use in paper- and drug-making industries.

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