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Title: Effects of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers on performance of four sunflower varieties

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: P. Elobu and W.O. Anyanga
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Funding Agency : NARO under ARTP-II and Vegetable Oil Development Programme (VODP) under Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries
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Affiliation: National Semi Arids Resources Research Institute (NASARRI
Keywords: sunflower, Helianthus annus L., fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphorous


Three sunflower hybrids (Pan 7351, DK 4040 and DKF 68-22) and one open pollinated variety (Sunfola) were grown with different fertilizer application rates in four locations of North eastern and Northern Uganda in 2004. The locations were Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute (SAARI) main station, and the Technology Verification Centres (TVCs) of Kumi, Kaberamaido and Ngetta. Ngetta is in northern Uganda while the other three are in the north east. Fertilizer treatments comprised the control (N0P0), 30 kg P/ha (N0P30), 30 kg N/ha (N30P0), 30 kg N/ha combined with 60 kg P/ha (N30P60), 60 kg N/ha combined with 30 kg P/ha (N60P30), 90 kg N/ha combined with 30 kg P/ha (N90P30) and 120 kg N/ha combined with 60 kg P/ha (N120P60). The four varieties did not significantly differ in height at each location but application of 120 kg N/ha and 60 kg P/ha (N120P60) at SAARI and Kaberamido increased height most. In three of the locations application of 30 kg N/ha combined with 60 kg P/ha (N30P60) significantly increased head diameter of all the varieties. The hybrid Pan 7351 performed best at Kaberamiado and Ngetta, and the best mean yield across the areas was attained by application of 30 kg N/ha and 60 kg P/ha (N30P60).