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Date Published: 1998
Author/s: Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Unit
Research Information Group
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Funding Agency : FAO.
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Affiliation: FAO,


This Manual provides an overview of the ASFISIS release-3 software which the ASFA Partners use to
prepare bibliographic references, in machine readable format, for inclusion in the ASFA bibliographic database.
The Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Bibliographic Database contains more than 500,000
bibliographic references (or records) to the world's aquatic science literature accessioned since 1971. ASFA is
produced as a co-operative effort by the United Nations Co-sponsoring Partners, the National and International
Partners, and the Publishing Partner. The objective is to disseminate bibliographic information on the science,
technology and management of the marine and freshwater environments to the world community. All ASFA
Partners are represented on the ASFA Advisory Board, for which FAO provides the Secretariat.
Input to the ASFA Database (i.e. the bibliographic references) is prepared by the network of ASFA Partners
who are together responsible for the monitoring of more than 5,000 serial publications as well as books, reports,
conference proceedings, and grey literature.

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