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Title: Final report of the fisheries catch assessment survey in the Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria for the May 2011 survey.

Date Published: 2011
Author/s: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI), Catch Assessment National working group.
Data publication: May, 2011
Funding Agency : NARO
Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
Journal Publisher: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI),
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Keywords: Catch Assessment, Fisheries, Lake Victoria, Uganda


This catch assessment report (CAS) provides estimates of the quantities of fish landed in the riparian districts sharing the Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria; the monetary value of the fish catches; the contribution of different fish species to the catches; and the trends in fish catch rates, and the monthly catches for the sampled month since the beginning of the current CAS activities, from July 2005 to May 2011. So far there have been 14 CASs conducted in the Uganda sector of the lake. The report also compares the annual catch and gross beach value of the catch in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011. However, it should be noted that the annual catch estimates for the years 2010 and were based on one sampling covering the rainy season and may not capture changes that could occur in dry season. There in need to include dry season sampling in future surveys.