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Title: Assessment of sweetpotato cultivars for suitability for different forms of processing

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: C. Owori and A. Agona
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Journal Publisher: Natural Resources Institute
Affiliation: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Keywords: cultivar selection, Processing


Sweetpotato storage roots are bulky and perishable. The
main forms of deterioration have been discussed in
Chapter 5. The bulkiness and perishable nature of the
roots are major constraints on the marketing and
availability of the crop. One way in which these
constraints have been addressed is through processing.
Processing is defined as the transformation of the raw
material (fresh root) into the end product. The end
product, which is usually a value-added product, may be
more attractive, palatable, nutritious, less bulky and less
perishable to permit continuous use. The major part of
processed sweetpotato in sub-Saharan Africa is utilized
for human consumption and the methods are limited.
Two main types of sweetpotato processing, traditional
and commercial processing, are discussed in this chapter