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Title: Growth and mortality of dagaa (Rastrineobola argentea, Fam. Cyprinidae) in Lake Victoria

Date Published: 1995
Author/s: Wandera, S. B. and Wanink,J.H.
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Journal Publisher: Naga, the ICLARM Quarterly


Growth and mortality parameters of the small Lake Victoria cyprinid Rastrineobola argentea were determined from length-frequency analysis, using the ELEFAN I and II programs. The results of two sampling programs, both performed during 1988, one in Uganda (mosquito seine) and the other in Tanzania (pelagic trawl), were highly corresponding, In comparison with previously published data on the growth of dagaa and some similar species, low values for L sub( infinity ) (65 mm standard length) and K (1 year super(-1)) were found. Total mortality (Z) amounted to 3.9-4.4 year super(-1). A single annual breeding peak was observed both in Uganda (October/November) and in Tanzania (February/March)