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Title: LAKE VICTORIA FISHERIES RESEARCH PROJECT PHASE II: Fish species identification guide for Lake Victoria

Date Published: 1997
Author/s: Okaronon, J.O., Katunzi, E.F.B. and Asila, A.,
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Journal Publisher: Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Project
Affiliation: Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, Fisheries Research Institute


The first phase of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Project had as one of the objectives
to harmonise data collection around Lake Victoria. During the various exercises it appeared
that it was rather difficult and complicated to harmonise and standardise data forms, as the
three riparian countries had their data collection already in place. The three Fisheries
Departments and Fisheries Research Institutes, however, showed their good will and after
ample discussion it was found that the data forms were not comprehensive and that at fish
species level there were discrepancies. The existing forms did not allow space for certain
important commercial species. From in-depth interviews during training courses it became
apparent that certain species were neglected as no space on the forms was reserved for them.