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Title: The Fisheries and Fish stocks of Lake George. Their Productivity, Management and Conservation.

Date Published: 1997
Author/s: Ogutu-Ohwayo, R., Kamanyi, J.R., Wandera, S.B. Amiina, R. and Mugume, F.
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, Uganda
Journal Publisher: Fisheries Research Institute
Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organisation,
Fisheries Research Institute


The study was confined to the fisheries of Lake George. The fishery of Lake George has been exploited under controlled exploitation but the permitted number of boats was fixed in the 1950s before the human population increased to the current level. Many more people were involved in fishing and it was feared that the fish stocks might not support the human population. The assignment involved preparation of a research proposal, collection of field data and production of a report in a period of eight months