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Title: Acceptability studies of orange-fleshed sweetpotato varieties in Uganda

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Tumwegamire S., Kapinga R., Mwanga R.O.M., Niringiye C., Lemaga B. and Nsumba J
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: ISTRC
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Affiliation: International Potato Centre (CIP), P.O Box 22274, Kampala, Uganda 2
Namulonge Agricultural and Animal Research Institute (NAARI) P.O. Box 7084, Kampala, Uganda
Regional Network for the Improvement of Potato and Sweetpotato in East and Central Africa
(PRAPACE), P.O Box 22274, Kampala, Uganda


Use of orange-fleshed
sweetpotatoes (OFSP) as a food-based
approach has been suggested as an alternative
option to combat vitamin A deficiency (VAD)
in Uganda. The OFSP have high ß-carotene
and are seen as a cheaper and complementary
source of vitamin A for the rural poor families
who are the most vulnerable to VAD in
Uganda. The opportunity is that about 90%
of the rural poor households in Uganda use
sweetpotato as a staple or co-staple. However
OFSP are not known to most of the
communities. In this study, we used farmer
managed trials as a way of screening and
introducing OFSP varieties to communities in
Uganda. The study has shown that Ejumula
and SPK 004 are the most accepted OFSP
varieties in Uganda. Good yields and
appealing flesh colour were the reasons put
forward for their acceptance by both adults
and children.