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Title: Development of a web-accessible GIS database of sweetpotato germplasm for East Africa

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Villordon, A., S. Gichuki, R. Mwanga, D. La Bonte, K Burg, and D. Zhang.
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: ISTRC
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Affiliation: KARI Biotechnology Centre, Nairobi, Kenya 2
NAARI, Kampala, Uganda 3
Department of Horticulture, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 4
Biotechnology Section, ARC Seibersdorf, Austria 5
CIP, Lima, Peru, LSU AgCenter, 6Sweet Potato Research Station, Chase, LA 71324, U.S.A


Despite the potential of GIS
systems to provide vital spatial and temporal
information to target clientele, accessibility
by users without direct access to these
databases is often limited. Web-based
delivery represents a method of delivering
real-time or near real-time data to clientele.
Although proprietary methods are available
for delivering GIS data through web
interfaces, these methods often require
expensive licensing agreements. The
availability of publicly available software that
require minimal or flexible licensing costs
provide a cost-effective alternative to
institutions that are considering access to GIS
databases via a web-accessible interface. We
describe procedures, software, and other
applications that we used to develop a
publicly accessible web interface to a GIS
database of sweetpotato germplasm
collections in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda