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Title: Fishing effort and fish yield over a 15 year period on Lake Victoria, Uganda: Management implications.

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Nakiyende H., Mbabazi D., Balirwa J.S., Bassa S., Muhumuza E., Mpomwenda V., Mangeni S.R., Mulowoza A., Mudondo P., Nansereko F., and Taabu A.M.
Data publication: 2016
Funding Agency : NARO
Copyright/patents/trade marks: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Journal Publisher: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Keywords: Fisheries, Lake Victoria, Fisheries Management, Fishing effort, Fish yield


We reveal the trends in the commercial fish catch landings and fishing effort on the Uganda side of Lake Victoria, over a 15 year period (2000-2015) and provide the underlying factors to the observed changes.
The contribution of the high value large size species (Nile perch and Tilapia) to the commercial catch of Lake Victoria has significantly reduced while that of the low value small size species, Mukene has increased over a ten year (2005-2015) period. The information is intended to update and sensitize the key stakeholders on the status of the Lake Victoria fisheries. In addition, the information provided is expected to guide policy formulation and management planning by the fisheries managers at all levels including the BMUs and Landing Site Management Committees (LSMCs), the Local government fisheries staff and the Directorate of Fisheries Resources. The information is anticipated to create awareness among the lakeside fisher communities to reverse the current trend in fish declines.