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Title: Cassava, the Multipurpose Crop

Date Published: 2005
Author/s: IITA
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Affiliation: NARO


C aNsaNa is known by various names in Nigeria.
To mention a few, the plant is called cihpi' in
igho, r'gc in Yoruha, igcni in I ka, m,go in Hausa,
ij/akpu in Olukwumi, in/c/a/ca in Urhobo, ma in
Aimang/lhibio. okponkoro in Ijaw, and hobo:i in
Ishan. Nutritionally. cassava contains potassium.
iron, calcium, vitamin A. folic acid, sodium.
vitamin C. vitamin B-6, and protein, all vital in the
human diet.

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1. Cassava, the multipurpose crop