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Title: Wind, Crop Pests and Agroforest Design

Date Published: 1988
Author/s: J. S. 0. Epila
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Journal Publisher: Agricultural Systems
Affiliation: Forestry Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, NARO, National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


The pervasive influence of wind on insect flight performance, dispersal and resource exploitation is briefly reviewed. Wind essentially reinforces the *survival instincts of ct majority of insects through the conveyance of vital chemical messages emanating from the resources and by passive& transporting responding individuals to the target habitats. Because .flying insects are generally poor aeronauts, once airborne, the majority of them rely on natural windbreaks to effect physical contacts with perceived trowel resources. These natural barriers obstruct airflow and soliveanemli. reduce
wind speeds, thus creating wind-shadows which enable / _oil mi, or near, the resources. The effects of windbreaks of woody maw .-b pommy insect infestation patterns on crop plant components of agrolbrestry are discussed in relation to agro forest design.

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