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Title: Greening with Black: Biochar-Soil Amendment for Low-Emission Agriculture

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: Bernard Lukoye Fungo
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Journal Publisher: Universiteit van Amsterdam, IBED), Amsterdam
Affiliation: University of Amsterdam, National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


Climate change mitigation is a top priority goal of the 21st century. Whereas climate change
affects agriculture through changes in temperature and the amount and variability of rainfall,
agriculture affects climate change through alteration in soil cover and emission of greenhouse
gasses. This interconnectedness between agriculture and climate change poses a significant
global contest when addressing the food security challenge. Ultimately, addressing the food
security challenge implies dealing with the feedbacks between climate change and agriculture.
Although climate change is predicted to affect food security in many parts of the world, its
effect is estimated to be greater in the already vulnerable farming communities in sub-Saharan
Africa (SSA). The impact of climate change therefore has wide ramifications on the livelihood
to many people. Addressing climate change is therefore a prudent way to ensure livelihood
sustainability in Africa