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Title: Refurbishment and establishment of the National Forestry Research laboratories at Kifu: Functionalizing acquired lab equipment

Date Published: June 2021
Author/s: Bernard Fungo, Hillary Agaba, Ronald Kiseka and Ronald Kisekka
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


This report is an update of activities undertaken under the project aimed at functionalizing the laboratory facilities at NaFORRI. The project has been going on since July 2020. This the report covers the fourth quarter, which includes the months of April through June 2021. The key activities undertaken during this reporting period include collecting final dataset for the nodulation trial, characterization of rhizobia types from nodules, characterization of soil-borne pathogens in citrus soils, data analysis and preparation of technical reports for all the experiments. In the previous quarter, data collection from the experiments has been completed and the writing on technical publications is on-going but key highlights of data from each output is provided in the respective sections.