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Title: Development and commercialisation of bamboo for improved livelihoods in Uganda: POTENTIAL USES OF BAMBOO

Date Published: 2012
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


There are more than 1200 bamboo species worldwide. Over 50 bamboo species have been found to grow in Uganda with Yushania alpine (commonly known as mountain bamboo) offering the highest utilization potential. Most of the bamboo is found in the south-westem, eastern and northern parts of the country mainly in protected areas of Echuya central forest reserve; Mgahinga, Bwindt, Mt. Rwenzori and Mt. Elgon national parks; and in the forest /games reserves of Ongom, Omier, Mt. Kei, Matidi, Lokung, Era, West Uru, Ayipe, Atiya, Aram, Agoro-Agu, Abiba,Otzi, Ozubu, Pao-Enyeme.