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Title: Regeneration of Mahoganies in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda

Date Published: February 2000
Author/s: Budongo Forest Project
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI, DFID


Since 1971, a major problem for forest dependent people has been that falling incomes from timber harvesting (primarily of the two mahogany species; Khaya antizotheca and Entandrophragma utile) have conti-ibusd to increased poverty. This has been caused by the collapse of Ugandan forestry leading to illegal lugging and poor regeneration. Illegal logging is being brought under control again by the Forest Departimnt—shortly to be replaced by a National Forestry Authority—primarily because few mature mahoga ,y trees remain outside a protected reserve within the forest. Future research should focus on the the lack of adequate silvicultural and conservation methods to promote recovery of the mahogany crop.