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Title: Scaling out NaFORRI technologies

Date Published: 2007
Author/s: NaFORRI: Agaba Hillary, Grace Abigaba, Denis Mujuni, Grace Rwabaingi, Katumba
Balikitenda, Dr. Epila Otala, Gerald Ongodia
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


Over the years, NaFORRI has generated a number of technologies in the fields of agroforestry, forest management and forest products. These technologies have potential to address a number of problems and help the targeted beneficiaries, the poor farmers improve their livelihoods once fully utilized. The problem however has been lack of proper documentation of the technologies and limited dissemination and out scaling. For successful technology adoption and out scaling, the needs of the target beneficiary should be considered. There needs to be quality and adequate germplasm to enhance adoption and scaling out, as well as for setting up demonstrations. In all this, the capacities of the various stakeholders to use the technology need to be enhanced. This project aimed at identifying and documenting the various technologies developed by NaFORRI, assessing technology needs by stakeholders and building their capacity to fully utilize the technologies for improved livelihoods

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