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Date Published: 2005
Author/s: FORI-Forestry Research Institute
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


FORESTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIBRARY is resource centre for Information from scientific and technical publishers, Commercial and academic orientations as well as national and international forestry organizations, which ensures that the users who include researchers, scientists and other officers have direct and immediate access to publications and information required in their day to day work. The current collection of library and information materials at Nakawa ,Kampala was part of the Forest Department Library housed at the department's headquarters at Entebbe. The Library has a long and distinguished and interesting history with the department's Library. The Information collection at Nakawa since 1954 has gradually been developed to cater for the information needs of the just started Forest research unit - Nakawa Forest Research Centre from which the library derived its name.

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