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Title: Bulindi Zonal Agricultural Research and
Development Institute-BuZARDI
Newsletter, July-December 2021

Date Published: 2021
Author/s: Bulindi Zonal Agricultural Research and
Development Institute-BuZARDI
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Funding Agency : Government of Uganda
Copyright/patents/trade marks: BuZARDI 2021
Journal Publisher: National Agricultural Research Organisation
Affiliation: NARO


Dear Reader,
A warm welcome to this issue of BuZARDI newsletter. Development communication is premised on facilitating knowledge sharing to achieve positive change in development initiatives. Whereas other sectors of the
economy continue to grapple with the shock of COVID-19 pandemic,
we have documented two farmers who have attained socio-economic
transformation through adoption of improved technologies more especially NARO Napier grass, NAROCOFFEE, NAROBEAN II, Calliandra and honey. By sharing these successful stories, I am optimistic that you will appreciate the role research extension plays in agricultural transformation and position yourself to contribute more effectively to agro-industrialisation as envisioned by government of Uganda in the National Development Plan III, 2020/21-2024/25.

I wish you a good reading!