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Title: Linking Knowledge to Action: Co-developing best-bet options for integrated soil fertility management in agricultural landscapes of Africa

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Dr. Hilary Agaba, Dr. Edward Yeboah, Dr. David Lelei, Dr. Ana Paula Turetta, Dr. Byamungu
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI, Embrapa Solos Rua Jardim Botanico, World Agroforestry
Center (ICRAF, CSIR-Soil Research
Institute, Academy,
Kumasi-Ghana, Tumbi Agricultural
Research Institute
Tanzania, National Agricultural
Research Organization (NARO),


Blending local and technical knowledge is a key principle to foster relevant, credible and legitimate action research in development that increases adoption of improved management practices in agricultural landscapes. A recent review shows that little utilization of fertilizer in Africa and limited profitability driven by low fertilizer use efficiency are closely related, and linked to the failure to recognize differences in soil quality and the importance of complementary practices. The InPaC-S knowledge sharing methodological approach fosters co-learning between farmers and agricultural professionals (e.g. national research and extension, NGOs, universities, government, private sector) through a number of participatory tools that guide the development of simple indicators of soil quality to differentiate soil quality classes in-situ and to tailor best-bet integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) options that match different soil quality classes. Sets of 4 workshops conducted in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda respectively (1 national workshop + 3 regional workshops led by trainees) will build the capacity of at least 225 agricultural professionals to use and teach the InPaC-S methodological approach and 2,160 farmers will make better informed decisions that improve their resource and nutrient input use efficiency by the end of the three year project.