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Title: Case Studies of Climate Risk Management through Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Date Published: 2009
Author/s: Ephraim Nkonyal, Mwanjalolo Majaliwa and Patrick Lubega
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Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C.
2 Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (MUIENR)


We held a consultation meeting with stakeholders in March to introduce the research project to key stakeholders working on issues related to climate variability / change and sustainable land management in Uganda. The stakeholder consultation meetings were aimed at discussing the project and obtain feedback on the project design and approach, especially the site selection for the case studies. We met with the SLM committee members separately and with a large number of stakeholders in a meeting on March 16. Below, we summarize the proceedings of the consultation meetings.