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Date Published: 1946
Author/s: THE RIGHT REVEREND BISHOP L. C. Usher-Wilson
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Journal Publisher: Uganda Journal
Affiliation: National Forestry Resources Research Institute - NaFORRI


THE Acholi and Lango are more expert at hunting than the other tribes of my Diocese. Hunting, indeed, with its age-long traditions, its sagas, and the enjoyment which it affords, has become an integral part of the life of the Acholi maa and woman.
I had long wished to see an Acholi hunt at first hand, so I was pleased when an opportuity came in March 1946 to attend a two-day hunt at AnaIca. As few other Eumpeans have had the good fortune to take part in one of these hunts, an account of our doings may be of interest
The Rev. Alipayo Latigo (a local pastor), the Rwot (chief) and two teachers were my guides and protectors: it was from them that I gained my information concerning the whys and wherefores of the hunt. As I am not a hunter myself, try account may contain mistakes due to inaccurate observa-tion. However, far what it is worth, here it is.
The Acholi lave three main methods of hunting

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