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Title: Diagnostic and control strategies of brucellosis in animals and humans in Karamoja region, Uganda- END OF QUARTER FOUR (APRIL-JUNE 2021) TECHNICAL REPORT

Date Published: 2021
Author/s: Dr. Boma Paul
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Nabuin ZARDI-NARO
Journal Publisher: Nabuin ZARDI-NARO
Affiliation: Nabuin Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Nabuin ZARDI), National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO),


Despite the potentially high risk and economic impact of brucellosis in pastoral areas in Uganda the country’s diagnostic and control strategy for brucellosis has not been established. This is further constrained by the absence or non-adapted legal framework for control of brucellosis. In addition to these, weak veterinary capacity (laboratory, epidemiology) to adequately diagnose, treat and monitor the disease occurrence, uncontrolled cross-border movement of animals and lack of inter-sectoral collaboration between the veterinary and health departments has complicated control of brucellosis, especially in high risk areas. The primary objective is establishing a diagnostic and control strategy for brucellosis in Karamoja region thereby reducing the prevalence of brucellosis in the region among humans and livestock. The