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Title: Understanding People, Their Livelihood Systems and the Demands and Impact of Innovations: A Synthesis-AHI Working Papers

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: Ann Stroud
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Journal Publisher: Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences,
Affiliation: Rwebitaba Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - RwebiZARDI, African Highlands Initiative
Keywords: IAR4D; Institutional change; National agricultural research systems; Diagnostics


This paper summarizes a theme of a conference hosted by the National Agricultural Research Organization
of Uganda in 2004 to advance their institutional change agenda in support of Integrated Agricultural
Research for Development. The theme is reflected in the title of this paper, and emphasized methods for
diagnosis and assessments in targeting, reviewing process and – given the need to integrate understanding
with change throughout an R4D process - managing change itself. In addition to summarizing theme
presentations, this paper represents a synthesis of the literature and experiences of the author in institutional
change, and was such seen as fitting for this Working Paper Series. After a brief introduction, the paper
summarizes the evolution of institutional “world views” in the agricultural research and development
establishment to set the stage of the IAR4D concept. The author follows with a series of case studies to
illustrate the multiple uses and functions of diagnostic tools and methods, both for R&D program
development and influencing broader aspects of policy and R&D. The paper concludes with a discussion of
directions in diagnosis and assessments for IAR4D.