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Title: Monitoring of the socio-economic status of fisher communities on Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Date Published: 2007
Author/s: Odongkara, K. and Ntambi, B.
Data publication: August, 2007
Funding Agency : Implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan Project of LVFO
Copyright/patents/trade marks: NaFIRRI
Journal Publisher: NaFIRRI
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, (NaFIRRI)
Keywords: Monitoring, Socioeconomics, Fisher Communities, Fisheries, Lake Victoria, Uganda


The objective of the study was to provide information on the changes in the socio- economic status of fisher communities. The study aimed at contributing to the following selected OVIs of the IFMP log frame: “10% increase in incomes from fish catches by fishing crews by EOP”, “20% women in BMUs reporting increased household income from fishing by EOP”, “ 50% women and fishing crew in BMUs reporting greater say in fisheries decision making”. The study would also contribute to the revision of the Fisheries Management Plan and to the development of the Fisheries Management Decision Support Tool, by identifying positive and negative socio-economic impacts of different policy scenarios.